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Phalanx Covenant - Parts I & II
           Beast and Jubilee stop Sabertooth from attacking several pedestrians, and bring him back to the Mansion for questioning. When Wolverine discovers that he's there, he goes berserk. Then he realizes that whoever they've caught, it isn't Sabertooth. The alien entity accesses Cerebro, and starts downloading all of Xavier's files. A few minutes later, Xavier gets an emergency call...from Mr. Sinister!  He warns Xavier that they're all in grave danger. Before Xavier can react, he's captured by a glowing black and yellow tendril which drags him out the window.
           In another part of the Mansion, Beast is attacked by a similar creature that absorbs everything it touches. The other X-Men have already been captured. He escapes and leaves the premises at high speed. Unknown to him, another of the aliens is in the jeep with him. After helping Beast escape, he tells him that his species, the Phalanx, are a collective species who destroy anything they can't assimilate. He and his lifemate escaped, searching for a new home, but the Phalanx collective followed him. When his ship crash-landed on Earth, they captured his lifemate and have begun assimilating Earth.
           Beast examines Warlock, the runaway Phalanx, and discovers that they assimilate metals even faster than organic materials. When they learn that President Kelly has already been assimilated, they meet with Forge and Quicksilver to plan an attack. Beast tells them about the Phalanx just before the townspeople riot outside. Warlock realizes that the 'people' are really Phalanx. He tries to contact his lifemate, and she briefly responds. Then Phalanx takes command again. It tries to absorb Forge, and destroys his bionic leg. Warlock merges with Forge, reforming his damaged leg, while they dash out through the back door. After Quicksilver is captured, they're saved by Sinister, who helps them escape in his plane.
           They head to New York City, only to discover that the Empire State Building has been assimilated and turned into a giant spire. With it, the Phalanx will be able to take over the entire world. Sinister changes course and takes them to Muir Island. Moira offers them her laboratory, and they create a virus which should destroy the Phalanx. Amelia Volt is working with Moira as an intern, and she helps them. Warlock decides to be the bait, and 'feed' it to the Phalanx. That way if his lifemate dies, he'll be able to die with her.
           When the Phalanx destroy Sinister's plane, they escape in Moira's jet. She and Sean are captured, but Amelia escapes with Sinister, Forge, Beast, and Warlock. She tells them to head for the Arctic Circle to recruit Magneto, who's still living in the ruins of his shattered Asteroid M. He's given up all hope and doesn't want to help them, until he learns that his son, Pietro (Quicksilver) has been captured. He and Warlock risk their lives to gather a sample of the Phalanx collective, and Magneto contains it in a magnetic sphere as they just barely escape. They administer the virus, which destroys the sample.
           Triumphant, they head back to the 'spire' to infect the Phalanx core, which has finally learned how to assimilate mutant DNA. Amelia has the ability to turn herself and her companions into smoke and infiltrate secure areas. She takes Sinister and Forge into the core to start freeing the X-Men. Magneto creates a magnetic bubble which repels the Phalanx, and takes Beast and Warlock into another section of the core. Warlock throws the virus into the core and destroys the Phalanx collective. The 'spire' and all the affected humans return to normal. Warlock manages to survive, and finds that his lifemate is also still alive. They plan to return to their homeworld, to free it from the Phalanx nexus. While Sinister slinks back into the shadows and disappears, Magneto and Pietro are reunited, and finally make peace.

A Deal With The Devil
           A team of American scientists has excavated Omega Red from the ice fields of northern Siberia, where the X-Men buried his body after defeating him. After implanting an explosive device in his brain and reviving him, they offer him an unusual trade--they'll make him fully human again if he'll retrieve an abandoned nuclear submarine lying offshore near Hawaii. He agrees to their terms, but demands two partners to assist him...Wolverine and Storm, the two X-Men responsible for previously defeating him.
           Storm struggles with her claustrophobia while they dive in a mini-sub and dock with the Russian vehicle. The air inside the big sub is toxic, so Wolverine and Storm wear protective suits. After Omega Red powers up the sub, he reveals that the scientists' explosive implant is ineffective, and takes command of the vessel and its nuclear warheads. Wolverine attacks him, but tears his protective suit. The toxic air nearly kills him. Storm tries to return him to the mini-sub until his healing abilities kick in, but Omega Red catches them.
           Beast and Rogue intercept the sub in the Blackbird, and drop depth charges on it to keep Omega Red from firing his missiles. Despite this, he manages to achieve a launch depth, and fires five of the warheads. They blow up three of them, and the Navy pilots who finally arrive destroy the last two. When Omega Red arms the remaining warheads, Rogue plunges into the ocean and starts damaging the sub. Storm and Wolverine escape while she mangles its guidance and propulsion systems. Beast retrieves them, and flies them home. When Omega Red tries to launch the last missiles, the sub overbalances and plunges into the ocean's depths...but he survives.

           Jubilee's first driving lesson is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Longshot, Mojo's genetically engineered TV star. He's being chased by Mojo's henchmen. Jubilee, who instantly develops a crush on the handsome mutant, helps to defend him from Spiral and her cohorts. Wolverine saves them both from being captured, and takes Longshot back to Xavier's Mansion for questioning. Though at first Longshot can't remember anything about his past or why he's there, Xavier probes his mind and discovers that he's leading an armed rebellion against Mojo.
           Meanwhile, Mojo discovers that Longshot's found sanctuary on Earth, and travels there himself to set up a new live episode of his high-action TV show. He kidnaps Jubilee and holds her hostage, forcing the X-Men to participate. Longshot helps the X-Men defeat Mojo, then returns to his own universe to take command of the rebellion again. 
(This second episode with Mojo is only marginally better than the first. Definitely a waste of time!)

           While Graydon Creed was gone on 'vacation' (a nervous breakdown), another group of men took command of the Friends of Humanity. They've decided that he's not worthy to lead the FOH with a mutant (Sabertooth) as his father. When he begs to prove his loyalty, they inform him that more than one mutant exists in his family tree. He promises to deliver those mutants to them.
           Several days later, Nightcrawler arrives at Xavier's Mansion with an unusual request--he needs the X-Men's help in finding his mother. Though she abandoned him as a newborn baby, he's received word that she may still be alive, and in danger. Rogue, Wolverine, and Jubilee accompany him to a deserted hydroelectric dam, only to discover that it's the new FOH headquarters. Wolverine and Jubilee explore the warehouse, which is packed with heavy munitions, while Rogue and Nightcrawler try to find his mother.
           They find more than they bargained for. When they break down the door, they discover that Mystique has set a trap for Nightcrawler. Mystique is horrified to see Rogue--she never wanted her to get caught with her half-brother. Above them, in the control room, Graydon Creed tells them that Mystique actually gave birth to two sons, Nightcrawler...and him! Now he plans to kill all three of them. As he floods the chamber with gas, Nightcrawler teleports up and tries to reason with him. He goes berserk and tries to kill Nightcrawler. Down below, Wolverine and Jubilee break into the chamber to free Rogue.
           Mystique escapes, and the X-Men follow her. When Nightcrawler sees her running along the top of the dam, he teleports up and catches her. She's terrified that he wants to hurt her, but he only wants to know the truth. Finally she admits that his father was an Austrian count who never knew that she was a mutant...until Nightcrawler was born. She ran away to save her life, and abandoned him. She admits that she never wanted him, and that she cares more about Rogue than she does about him, but he talks about God's love and forgives her. She's so stunned that she never even notices Creed's helicopter approaching. When Creed fires at them, she instinctively shoves Nightcrawler out of danger, and gets shot in the arm. She falls over the edge of the dam and disappears as Creed fires a large missile at the dam, trying to kill Nightcrawler. The young acrobat teleports out of danger...just as the dam explodes and destroys Creed's chopper.
           Down below, the X-Men are fighting Creed's soldiers. Wolverine distracts them while Rogue crashes their helicopters together. Then she soars back to rescue Nightcrawler, who's half-drowning while he searches for Mystique. She pulls him out of the flood, and tries to comfort him as she flies him back to Wolverine and Jubilee. The police arrest Creed's soldiers for destroying the dam. Unseen, Mystique rises from the water and slips away into the trees.
           Creed's new leaders are infuriated by his failure at the dam. They decide to impose their own justice, and leave him with the one mutant he hates and fears the most--his father, Sabertooth.

Storm Front - Parts I & II
           An alien named Arkon kidnaps Storm and takes her to his planet, which is wracked with violent natural disasters. He begs her to heal the planet and restore peace to his people. After she uses her tremendous powers to save the planet, Arkon proposes that she remain with him and rule as his queen.
           Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine, and Jubilee have followed her. Though they mistrust Arkon, Storm is swept away by his pleas, and agrees to marry him. Meanwhile, he plots to attack and enslave his neighboring planet. When the X-Men discover his plans, they lead a rebellion and save the new captives. Storm discovers his treachery, and refuses to marry him. She helps overthrow his rule, then returns to Earth with her teammates.

Jubilee's Enchanted Fairy Tales
           Professor Xavier has asked Jubilee to take a group of schoolchildren on a tour of the caverns that stretch beneath the Mansion while he and the X-Men are gone. Then they're trapped by a cave-in, and the water starts to rise. To calm the children, she tells them fantastic stories about heroes, villains, and beautiful princesses who bear a distorted but striking resemblance to her teammates, the X-Men. When they're finally rescued, the children recognize the X-Men from her stories.

The Fifth Horsemen

           Apocalypse escapes from the astral plane, and puts his evil plans into motion again. Aided by Fabian Cortez, he unleashes the Hounds, leading to a bestial transformation for Beast and possession peril for Jubilee.

Old Soldiers
           A flashback story to World War II as Captain America and Logan team up to rescue a captured scientist. Look for a guest appearance by Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos, as well as villainy from the Red Claw!

Hidden Agendas
           When Sam Guthrie's mutant "cannonball" powers begin to manifest themselves, Rogue must help him before a dishonest Army official corrupts the young mutant.

Episodes (Fortunately) Never Released

           It's 1859, and the origin of Mr. Sinister is revealed, tied to an ancestor of Professor Xavier.

Graduation Day
           Professor Xavier is struck down by Henry Gyrick. Sensing Xavier's imminent death, Magneto plans a total mutant takeover. Most of the Earth's mutant heroes (plus Lilandra) gather to say their good-byes.

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