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One Man's Worth - Parts I & II

           Storm has invited Xavier and Wolverine to a picnic, but their lunch is interrupted by a temporal distortion which destroys Xavier and flings Wolverine and Storm into an alternate universe--one where Xavier's X-Men never existed. In this new war-torn universe, Magneto is in charge of the mutant resistance against the humans and Sentinels. Wolverine and Storm are married, and work together with Magneto and all the other mutants in the fierce struggle for survival.
           Bishop and his sister, Shard, suddenly materialize in the middle of the war zone. They've come to save Professor Xavier from being killed, but they're too late--someone from their time has already traveled further into the past, and altered history. They beg Wolverine and Storm for help. Wolverine realizes that if they save Xavier's life in the past, he and Storm will survive, but they won't remember loving each other. Still, they know that millions of lives at stake, so they reluctantly agree to help. Bishop takes them back to the year 2055 to recalibrate the time portal for May 11th, 1959, when Xavier was killed.
           When Bishop and his team arrive at Xavier's college, they find that their future mentor has no ambitions about leading the struggle for mutant survival--he simply wants to be a family doctor. They try to convince him that they're from the future, and insist that he has to create his school for mutants in order to protect all mankind. Xavier is appalled by their stories and their penchant for violence. When a fight breaks out between Wolverine and one of the locals, he escapes and returns to his laboratory.
           Nimrod, a super-Sentinel from the future, impersonates Xavier to draw Bishop's team into the open. They fight Nimrod and temporarily destroy it, but it reforms and follows them to Xavier's dorm. They're too late to stop Fitzroy and Bantam, the other two time travelers, from setting off a bomb in Xavier's lab. When Xavier opens his door, the bomb explodes and kills him. Fitzroy, Bantam, and Nimrod return to the future.
           Bishop's team also returns to 2055, hoping to recalibrate the portal and return to 1959 a second time. Unfortunately, the time distortion has already reached 2055. They arrive in an alternate universe where Forge doesn't recognize them. He tries to keep the team from using the portal, then gives in and helps them when they're attacked by Mastermold's Sentinels. Mastermold orders Fitzroy to blow up the portal and prevent Bishop's team from returning to the past. Then Fitzroy learns that he plans to kill them all when they're no longer useful.
           More Sentinels attack Forge and Bishop's team. Fitzroy joins the fight...and shocks everyone by defending Bishop from the Sentinels. He throws them a data cube before he's knocked out. Shard is injured and can't continue, but Bishop, Wolverine, and Storm manage to access the portal and escape into the past. They arrive in 1959 while the first Wolverine is still fighting the coffee-shop owner. Xavier escapes, only to be caught by the second Bishop. Once again, they try to convince him that he needs protection, and this time he believes them.
           They're interrupted by the arrival of Cindy, Xavier's lab partner. Then Wolverine realizes that 'Cindy' is really Nimrod. They fight and destroy Nimrod, and this time they send it back to the future. A moment later, Fitzroy appears with his bomb, and throws up a forcefield to keep them all in the room until it explodes. Bishop shows him the data cube from the future, where he's begging them to stop him from killing Xavier. When he looks out the window, he sees the 'first' team racing to save Xavier, and realizes that they're telling the truth. He dissolves the forcefield and Wolverine throws the bomb out of the window just before it explodes. The first Bishop's team vanishes. Fitzroy and Bantam head back to their own time.
           Bishop tells Wolverine and Storm that they're existing out of time--the moment they activate their timebands, they'll stop existing. Their current selves will continue on without any knowledge of their soul-bonding. Then he heads back to his own time to find his sister and Forge. Logan and Storm know that they don't belong in this time, so they embrace one final time, then activate their timebands and vanish, still holding onto each other.
           The temporal distortion vanishes, and everything returns to normal. Wolverine and Storm are still at their picnic behind Xavier's Mansion, wondering at the freak weather...and never realizing what they once shared.

Xavier Remembers
           Xavier is having horrible nightmares about his X-Men while the evil Shadow King hypnotically takes control of his mind. As the dreams continue, he slips into a coma and starts to die. Though the X-Men try to save him, he continues to weaken. Jean tries to telepathically contact him, but his mind keeps drifting further and further away. Suddenly Xavier finds himself in familiar surroundings--his home when he was a child. His long-dead mother appears and shows him that all of his X-Men are safe and well-protected. Convinced that his work is finally completed, he allows his spirit to float away into the great void. Jean manages to reach him just as he's also 'touched' by the Shadow King, who's been waiting for him out on the astral plane. He starts to remember their last encounter.
           Xavier met Storm when, as a young child in Cairo, she stole his wallet. He retrieved the wallet, only to discover that she was being controlled by the Shadow King. Outraged that the mutant was using children to commit crimes, he battled the Shadow King and exiled him to the mystical Astral Plane. Now the Shadow King has returned, and he traps Xavier in the abyss. Then he possesses Xavier's body, and makes the X-Men experience the nightmares that had haunted Xavier. Storm senses the Shadow King's presence just as he reveals himself to the X-Men.
           Jean telepathically reaches Xavier, and joins him on the Astral Plane to release him. Enraged that Xavier has escaped, the Shadow King races out to battle them as they return home. They join forces to defeat him, and re-exile him to the Astral Plane. Finally they return to their own bodies. The danger is averted again...for now.

Love in Vain
           After returning home from Japan, Wolverine heads into the desert to meditate, and sees an alien spaceship crash-land nearby. When he investigates, he's attacked by large insectoid creatures. They capture him and take him into their ship. While he's escaping, he discovers that their ship is alive. He doesn't realize that he's been infested with spores that will transform him into an alien. He barely manages to reach a phone and call Xavier for help before he collapses.
           Meanwhile, Rogue gets an unexpected call from her childhood sweetheart, Cody. He assures her that now he can touch her without getting hurt, and proves it by kissing her. She's so stunned and delighted that she doesn't notice Wolverine's aliens creeping up behind her. They knock her unconscious and sprinkle her with spores. When she wakes up in the park the next morning, Cody urges her to run away with him for the weekend. She agrees, and heads back to the Mansion to ask Xavier for some time off.
           Xavier has just gotten Wolverine's emergency call, and doesn't want her to leave. She loses her temper and stalks out, which upsets Gambit. She and Cody take off for the desert in her mini-jet. The X-Men head off in the Blackbird to find Wolverine, who's collapsed in the desert near the alien ship. Rogue and Cody arrive just as the aliens start attacking the X-Men. Cody tries to reassure Rogue that the aliens won't hurt anyone, but then he and Wolverine start transforming into aliens themselves. Wolverine runs away, and manages to purge the spores from his body. Rogue can't fight the transformation, so Wolverine makes her absorb his healing powers. She changes back into herself, and helps Wolverine rescue the other X-Men.
           The aliens take off before they can escape. Xavier makes telepathic contact with the Aconti, their living ship, and persuades it to return to Earth. The X-Men fight their way out of the ship and escape. Rogue begs Cody to come with them--she's hoping that Xavier can find a way to cure him--but by now he's fully transformed into an alien. He leaves with the colony while the X-Men return home.

           Moira MacTaggert reluctantly decides that Morph is fit for duty again, so she releases him. He's anxious to return to his old life, and heads back to America on the first available plane. Meanwhile, several Sentinels attack Zydex Laboratories and steal a special high-strength polymer.
           Xavier summons the X-Men to the War Room--but instead of an emergency, they find that he and Jean have planned a surprise party. A moment later, Morph walks through the door. However, his homecoming is interrupted by a news report about the polymer thefts. Since mutants are being blamed for the break-in, Wolverine and Morph volunteer to investigate. Wolverine discovers that Sentinels were responsible for the theft. He tries to keep his knowledge from Morph, but Morph finds a giant Sentinel footprint, and relives his death trauma. Then he gets mad at Wolverine for trying to protect him.
           Unknown to them, Mastermold survived being blown up by Xavier and Magneto. He wants to rebuild his body with the super-polymer, and replace all his destroyed Sentinels. He reprograms three Sentinels to collect Larry Trask and Peter Gyrich, and sends three others to capture Xavier...as eyewitnesses to his rebirth.
           Mastermold's Sentinels attack Xavier and Morph behind the Mansion. While Beast and Wolverine race to their rescue, Morph tries to protect his mentor, but freezes in terror. Two of the Sentinels escape, taking Xavier with them. When they analyze the remains of the third Sentinel, they discover a set of coordinates which leads them down into the Amazon jungle, where Trask and Gyrich have been hiding ever since Mastermold was destroyed. The Sentinels reach their hideaway first, and capture the two men. Moments later, the X-Men arrive and battle the Sentinels. Though they manage to destroy two of the huge robots, the third one re-captures Trask and Gyrich, and takes them to Mastermold's lair. The X-Men follow, still hoping to find Xavier.
           Back at the Mansion, Morph discovers that the shattered Sentinel holds another set of coordinates--the location of Mastermold's hideout. He decides that it's time for him to face the Sentinels alone, and heads there in his mini-jet.
           Xavier is being held prisoner--Mastermold wants to enslave his brain and use him to destroy all the other mutants. The X-Men arrive, and start fighting the Sentinels. Moments later Morph joins in the battle, changing into several different mutant forms to protect his friends. Mastermold attacks him and almost kills him, and again he relives his death trauma. At the last moment, however, he snaps out of it and fires at the cave's roof. He hits a huge stalagtite which crashes onto Mastermold's skull and destroys it.
           The cavern starts to self-destruct. The X-Men rescue Xavier and the two scientists, and escape the destruction. Cyclops officially welcomes Morph back to the team...but Morph realizes that he's not really healed yet, and heads back to Muir Island. Xavier urges his students to let Morph go, but promises that whatever happens, Morph will always remain an X-Man.

Sanctuary - Parts I & II
           Magneto has established a sanctuary for mutants--a haven in space known as "Asteroid M." While the UN delegates are arguing over their right to control and enslave mutants, he breaks into their chamber and proclaims that the liberation of all mutants has begun. He plans to welcome any and all mutants to Asteroid M, and warns that while his intentions aren't hostile, he'll take any actions against them as hostile. The resulting riots of mutants trying to get off-planet are staggering.
           Gambit learns that one of his friends, Byron Calley, is aboard Asteroid M, and starts thinking about visiting Byron. Meanwhile, Xavier convinces President Kelly not to take action against Magneto until he's talked with him. Beast and Gambit accompany Xavier to Africa to meet with Magneto. Though Magneto is surprised to find Xavier in the mutant crowd, he refuses to change his plans. Xavier accompanies him to Genosha, where Magneto leads the fight against the Genoshan soldiers to free his people. Cortez, one of his mutant warriors, rejuvenates him so they can defeat the Sentinels. He urges Magneto to wipe out the 'flat-scan humans,' but Magneto refuses. He takes the freed mutants up to Asteroid M. Xavier and his team go with them.
           Xavier discovers that his ex-lover, Amelia Volt, is also aboard Asteroid M. Beast tells Gambit how Xavier and Amelia fell in love several years ago, then separated because he refused to give up his X-Men for her. Now she hates him, and accuses him of having caused all the problems that are plaguing mutants.
           During dinner, several armed missiles attack the asteroid. Magneto learns that it's a retaliatory strike because one of his own missiles was fired first. Again Cortez begs for the destruction of the 'flat-scan humans,' and again Magneto refuses. Later, when Magneto returns to his own chamber, he finds Cortez waiting for him. He accuses Cortez of having fired the missiles at Earth. Cortez saps his strength, leaving him defenseless, then jettison's Magneto's pod into space. When he yells for help and the X-Men arrive, he accuses them of killing Magneto. The other mutants promptly attack the X-Men. Gambit holds the mutants off while Xavier and Beast escape, but he gets captured by Amelia. Cortez takes control of Asteroid M, and swears vengeance on all humans. He also starts torturing Gambit, trying to make him 'confess' to jettisoning Magneto, but Gambit refuses to break.
           Xavier's shuttle crashlands on Earth, and Rogue is appalled to realize that Gambit was captured. While Beast starts modifying the Blackbird for outer space, Xavier holds a memorial service for Magneto, and remembers Magneto's early life during World War II. He begs President Kelly to let him return to Asteroid M and try to reason with Cortez.
           When Amelia discovers that Cortez is torturing Gambit, she tries to intercede. Cortez threatens to blow up the Earth, starting with Genosha. Amelia disagrees with his new policies, and sneaks into Gambit's cell. Gambit convinces her that Cortez is the traitor, so she starts searching for proof to persuade the other mutants. Meanwhile, Xavier and his team approach Asteroid M in the cloaked Blackbird. Beast starts disarming the warheads while Xavier and the other X-Men infiltrate the base.
           Amelia lures Cortez away from his post, and finds the missing archive tape that shows Cortez attacking Magneto. Rogue and Wolverine try to attack Cortez, but he and his men defeat them. While he's threatening to publically execute them, Amelia broadcasts the missing tape. The angry mutants attack Cortez, but he escapes to the secondary control room. Before Gambit and Amelia can stop him, he launches the warheads.
           Unknown to anyone, Magneto survived being jettisoned--passing through the Earth's magnetic field healed him and gave him new strength. While Xavier shoots down several dozen armed missiles, he appears and destroys the remainder. Then he turns his powers on Asteroid M and captures Cortez. To keep his sanctuary from being misused again, he crashes it--and Cortez--into the ocean. The X-Men escape with all the other mutants, not realizing that Cortez has been 'retrieved'--by Apocalypse.

Family Ties
           When Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's father nears death, he feels compelled to tell them the truth about their heritage. He admits that he's not their true father, and sends them up to Wondergore, a mythical city in the mountains, to seek out the midwife Bova. She tells them that their mother, Magda, feared for their lives. She left them in Wondergore to protect them, and fled from the mutant who had recently destroyed her village. She died the following winter. Bova took the infant twins to the village, where they were adopted. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch swear vengeance on the marauding mutant who essentially killed their mother. Bova admits that Magneto is the culprit, and sends them to Magda's gravesite to find him.
           Meanwhile, Magneto infiltrates Xavier's Mansion to ask for his help. He's received word that, after all his years of searching, his wife Magda may still be alive. He begs Xavier to scan the area and make sure that it's not a trap. Xavier agrees, and sends Wolverine after Magneto to protect him. When the twins attack and capture Magneto, then are captured themselves by their Wondergore 'allies,' Wolverine tries to free them. He's quickly subdued, and all four of them are taken back up to Wondergore.
           The Wondergore leader, a highly-trained geneticist, tells them that he's combined Magneto's DNA with the twins' DNA to create new 'enhanced' creatures who will rule the world. He also informs Magneto that the twins are his own children. Then he transforms Wolverine into a fierce wolf-like creature. Magneto helps the twins escape just as Xavier and Beast arrive in the Blackbird. The Wondergore natives attack the X-Men, but Magneto helps protect his friends. Sensing imminent defeat, the Wondergore leader transforms his beautiful citadel into a huge ship, and teleports his creatures inside. Wolverine is restored to normal as the ship vanishes over the mountains. Magneto swears to follow him and destroy him.
           He knows that the twins blame him for Magda's death, and begs them for forgiveness and understanding. He deeply regrets Magda's death, and swears that he would have come for them if he'd known they existed. They remain suspicious, and leave again. Xavier tries to reassure Magneto that, in time, they'll learn to forgive him. Magneto heads off in search of the Wondergore citadel, and the X-Men return home.

Secrets, Not Long Buried
           Cyclops gets a message from his old friend, Dr. Prescott, and goes to visit him. When he nears Prescott's remote town, his plane is attacked. He crash-lands, and is knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds that his powers are gone, and learns that Dr. Prescott has been missing for two weeks. The townspeople all seem to be afraid of him. He remembers how Dr. Prescott helped him when his mutant powers began developing, and is determined to find him.
           The local doctor, Tanaka, befriends him, but can't--or won't--aid his search. Then Scott is confronted by Braddock, the new town leader. Solar, as he's called, advises Scott to leave Skull Mesa. Undaunted, he heads to Prescott's ranch to investigate. He finds signs of a fight and returns to town, only to be attacked by Solar's henchmen. They take him down into the caverns below the town, where Prescott is being held. Solar brags that he's taken over the community because of their hidden gold mine. He plans to take all the gold himself.
           Solar's so certain that none of the townspeople will dare to help Scott that he turns him loose again. Several of the villagers take pity on him, but are afraid to take action. Though Scott tries to raise a fighting force, he's not successful. Finally he confronts Solar and his henchmen. He's captured and tied up in the town square, where Solar plans to make an example of him. Before the evil mutant can destroy Scott, however, the townspeople finally revolt. Tanaka restores Scott's powers so that he can defeat Solar. Prescott is released, and peace is restored to the town.

Beyond Good And Evil - Parts I - IV
           3999 AD - Cairo - Cable and his team of mutants lead a raid on Apocalypse's rejuvenation pyramid. They gain access to his inner chamber, only to discover that they've walked into a trap. Apocalypse steals Cable's timeband/computer. As Cable tries to escape, Apocalypse suddenly wonders why he hasn't been able to defeat the human race before. He travels outside time itself to discover whether he'll be forced to battle humanity, never winning, until the end of time.
           2055 AD - New York - After Bishop helps to save young Charles Xavier from Fitzroy and Nimrod, he tries to return home. He's thrown off course by Apocalypse, and materializes at the Axis of Time, the place where all timelines converge. There he discovers that someone is tampering with time, trying to change history. He catches a glimpse of Xavier's Mansion, then sees Sinister's face, before that timeline is altered.
           1990's AD - New York - Scott and Jean are finally getting married. Yet their reception is interrupted by unwelcome guests--Mr. Sinister and his Nasty Boyz. Scott and Jean are attacked as they drive off on their honeymoon. Sinister's gang kidnaps them, and throw Jean into a time portal. Sinister attacks Xavier and Jubilee in the Mansion. Bishop's sister, Shard, has headed back to Xavier's time to find out what happened to her brother. She helps the X-Men fight Sinister, and Rogue rescues Xavier before Sinister can take him through a portal. Shard tells them that Sinister's taken Jean to another time.
           1990's AD - Shi'ar Palace - Renegades soldiers led by Lilandra's sister, DeathBird, attack the royal citadel. Lilandra is captured by Apocalypse, DeathBird's ally, but he refuses to destroy her. Instead, he kidnaps Lilandra's most powerful psychic, the Oracle, and vanishes. Once again in command, Lilandra arrests her sister, then contacts Xavier to warn him of the danger. He promptly assembles his X-Men.
           Far Future - Jean is being imprisoned in a large glass cylinder. Sinister arrives at the time axis, closely by followed by Apocalypse and the Oracle. Apocalypse throws the Oracle into the next cylinder, then gloats that he's never going to allow them to leave his citadel.
           1990's AD - New York - Xavier hopes to capture Sinister when he returns to kidnap another psychic. He sends Wolverine and Shard to watch Psylocke's warehouse. Meanwhile, she tries to break into Archangel's mansion and steal his valuable antiques. He catches her, and they fight. After he saves her from falling off a cliff, she stabs him in the back with a psycho-kinetic knife. When he wakes up, he follows her to the warehouse, where she's storing other stolen antiques. He confronts her, and they start fighting again. Suddenly Mystique and Sabertooth break into the warehouse. Wolverine and Shard join the fight, and defeat the two evil mutants. Psylocke escapes--only to be captured by Magneto. He and Mystique escape in a time portal. The X-Men take Sabertooth back to the Mansion for questioning.
           3999 AD - Cable and his son, Tyler, attack a secret government installation that hides the last existing time machine, code-named Gray Malkin. With it, Cable plans to travel back through time and destroy Apocalypse's regeneration chamber at its origin. While Tyler fights the armed robots outside the installation, Cable steals the Gray Malkin. Apocalypse, watching from the time axis, diverts his path and sends him to Xavier's mansion.
           1990's AD - New York - Wolverine 'interrogates' Sabertooth, and learns that Apocalypse is behind the scheme to kidnap all the world's psychics. Xavier probes his mind, and discovers that Magneto and Sinister have joined forces with him in an effort to control time. Cable tells them about Apocalypse's Lazarus chamber, and describes how Apocalypse stole his timeband. Archangel wants to go back to ancient Egypt with Cable and destroy the Lazarus chamber, so that Apocalypse won't be able to periodically regenerate. Beast, Xavier, Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, and Archangel accompany Cable in the Gray Malkin.
           1200 BC - Cairo - The time travelers infiltrate Apocalypse's pyramid, only to find his Four Horsemen waiting for them. Cyclops, Gambit, Storm, and Archangel fight them while Cable, Xavier, Wolverine, and Beast sneak inside. Apocalypse has set new traps for them, but they manage to break into his inner chamber. The other X-Men join them, and discover that Mystique is impersonating Apocalypse. The real Apocalypse appears, knocks the X-Men unconscious, then takes Xavier and Wolverine back to the time axis with Mystique. The X-Men blow up the pyramid and escape to the Gray Malkin.
           1990's AD - New York - Xavier knew that he might be taken, so he wore a homing device which can be traced through time. Cerebro confirms that Xavier was taken to the time axis, which exists outside of time. Cable's too impatient to wait for the X-Men--the instant he has the proper coordinates, he runs for the Gray Malkin and vanishes.
           Far Future - Apocalypse has captured dozens of psychics from every timeline and known civilization. They're all trapped in glass cylinders. He telekinetically lofts them into the air around the citadel, forming a complete circle. He tells Magneto that since time and thought are one, psychics have the power to transcend time with the power of their minds. Therefore, if he destroys all the most powerful psychics, he'll destroy time itself. Magneto and Mystique are outraged that Apocalypse would kill billions of innocent people, and rebel against him. They appeal to Sinister and his gang, but Sinister remains allied with Apocalypse. During the ensuing fight, Magneto manages to free Wolverine.
           Cable arrives at the axis just as Apocalypse is lofting the final orb which will drain the psychics' powers, and kill them. All the different timelines start to waver and then vanish as time is erased. Bishop, who's been aimlessly wandering outside the citadel, notices the glowing psychics' containers. When he fires at one and frees Psylocke, he realizes what Apocalypse is trying to achieve. Time starts to restore itself as he fires at more of the containers, freeing the captive mutants. Outraged, Apocalypse attacks Bishop.
           Wolverine destroys the focusing orb, and the other psychics are released. Sinister and his men escape through the nearest portal when Cable destroys the citadel. Meanwhile, Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen battle the X-Team, which temporarily includes Magneto and Mystique. Then Xavier bands the psychics together, and they banish Apocalypse from the time axis. They hope that, without a regeneration chamber to renew his life, he'll eventually cease to exist.
           Cable takes the X-Team back to their own time. Once again, Magneto and Xavier make peace, though Magneto still refuses to remain with them. Then Cable returns to his own time, to find his son.

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