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'Til Death Do Us Part - Parts I & II

           After several years of dating, Scott and Jean have finally gotten married--or they think that they have. Too late, the X-Men discover that Morph is still alive, and has used his unique shapeshifting abilities to infiltrate the Mansion. After the attack on the Mutant Control Agency, his body was recovered by Mr. Sinister. The bio-geneticist brought him back to life, then altered his psyche to become an evil slave. Morph, who's basically a good person, keeps shifting between the two opposing personalities, and is going half-mad in the process.
           First he impersonates Scott and Jean's minister and pretends to marry them, then lures Xavier into the far-off Savage Lands (a mysterious tropical rainforest hidden deep in the Antarctic) by impersonating Magneto and begging for help. After Xavier has gone to Magneto's aid, he returns to the Mansion. He mimics one after another of the X-Men and sends them off in different directions, putting them each in danger. 'Rogue' flirts with Gambit, promising him a kiss, then disappears. When Gambit tries to kiss the real Rogue who's sleeping in the solarium, he gets knocked unconscious. 'Storm' changes the workout settings in the Danger Room, almost killing Beast, and sends Jubilee off to get captured by the Friends of Humanity. Wolverine, realizing that she's in danger, rescues her just in time. The real Storm is nearly killed when Morph poses as an angry policeman. Wolverine brings Jubilee back to the Mansion, and discovers that Morph is impersonating Xavier. He exposes 'Xavier'--and nearly gets killed in the process. Morph escapes, so he promptly sets out in hot pursuit of his best friend.
           Meanwhile, Scott and Jean are on their honeymoon, sailing out on the ocean. When they near the shore, they're attacked by Sinister's Nasty Boyz, a group of renegade mutants. Ruckus and Gorgeous capture them by using Genoshan slave collars on them, and take them to Sinister's lair. There, the evil scientist tries to extract their DNA to create a 'master race' of mutants which will be under his control. The other X-Men arrive in time to stop him, and battle him and his gang. Morph, torn between helping his friends and obeying his new master, breaks free of his mental conditioning long enough to distract Sinister. Cyclops blasts Sinister with his optic bursts, and actually manages to hurt him. Sinister and his gang escape, but Cyclops swears to track him down and kill him. Then, before they can stop him, Morph also escapes in his mini-jet. Wolverine vows to follow him and, whatever it takes, to bring his friend back alive so that Xavier can help cure him.

Whatever It Takes
           Wolverine travels all around the world, following Morph's trail. Once again, Morph's wavering between good and evil. Wolverine trails him down into the Amazon Basin, and finds him tending bar in a miner's camp. Morph's evil side attacks Wolverine and tries to kill him, even while his good side begs to be left alone--he needs to work this out for himself, and doesn't want Wolverine to get hurt in the process. In the end, he escapes again, but Wolverine swears that he won't give up this time--he'll keep waiting until Morph's ready to come back on his own.
           Up in the Savage Land, Xavier and Magneto realize that they've each been lured into a trap. They're nearly killed, and have to rely on each other for survival. Then they learn that their mutant powers are gone. Oddly enough, though Xavier loses his telepathy, he regains the use of his legs. Magneto has lost his ability to magnetize things and to levitate, so he has to survive using only his wits. As the season progresses, we see short clips of their travels and adventures while they head for the citadel in the center of the valley.

Red Dawn
           A new civil war in Russia brings Colossus to the United States in search of the X-Men's help. Unfortunately, the rest of the team is still off tracking Sinister, and only Jubilee is at the Mansion. She agrees to help Colossus fight the Russian super-villain, Omega Red, and flies him back over to Russia in her mini-jet. A few hours later, Wolverine returns to the Mansion, and finds her short note. He recognizes Omega Red's name--and has plenty of reason to hate him. Snarling, he sets out after Jubilee and Colossus.
           When Colossus reaches his hometown, he finds that it's been destroyed, and all of his people are missing. Then he discovers his little sister, Ilyana, hiding in the wreckage. The three of them set out after Omega Red. Wolverine arrives in time to help fight Omega Red, but gets injured. While he's healing, the rest of the X-Men arrive and join in the battle. Storm deep-freezes Omega Red in solid ice, which is the only thing that can immobilize him. The rebel leaders are captured and taken to prison, and all their captives are freed. Jubilee and the X-Men head back to the States after Colossus promises to visit them soon.

           Wolverine gets a frantic message from Heather, the wife of his old Alpha Flight teammate, Vindicator. When he returns to Canada to find her, he finds that he's been tricked. He's captured by the other members of Alpha Flight, who were also tricked--they were told that if they could catch him, he'd work with them again. In reality, the government wants to see how he survived the adamantium-fusing process that killed so many other men. Though Heather doesn't want to take part in the operation, she knows that she has to obey orders. She begs General Chasen, Alpha Flight's commanding officer, to let her be the leader of the medical team. Yet she can't bear to see Wolverine hurt--at one time, they had very strong feelings for each other.
           When Alpha Flight learns that Chasen is willing to kill Wolverine to get his information, they attack the medical center to save his life. Heather also defends him, against Chasen and her own husband, and helps Wolverine escape. Wolverine's hurt that she chooses to stay with Vindicator despite his betrayal, and swears never to come back to Alpha Flight--or Canada--again.

X-Ternally Yours
           Gambit also receives an emergency call from his home, back in the Louisiana bayou. His brother has been kidnaped by the Assassins, his family's rival guild, and they're threatening to kill him if Gambit doesn't come home. He promptly obeys, and trades himself for his brother, Bobby. Then he learns that the entire scheme was engineered by his ex-fiancee, Belladonna. Her family hated the idea of their proposed marriage as much as his own family, the Thieves' Guild. To protect her, he ran away before they got married, and never went back. Belladonna, however, has different ideas. She wants Gambit to become an Assassin, and remain in New Orleans as her husband.
           Every ten years, the Thieves and Assassins must give a proper tithe to the External, an immortal being with tremendous powers. In return, she grants them longevity or other of mutant abilities. If they fail to meet the tithe, she'll destroy them. The tithing is about to begin, and Belladonna's substituted a false tithe in the Thieves' box. They don't discover her deception until it's too late, and the External is materializing. Only the arrival of the X-Men saves the Thieves' lives. Jean telepathically proves to the External that the Assassins broke their vows. The External is about to kill Belladonna for her treachery, but Gambit intervenes and lets her live. Belle begs him to stay with her, but he finally makes his choice--he leaves with Rogue and his teammates, swearing to never return again.

Time Fugitives - Parts I & II
           Two thousand years in the future, Cable is fighting Apocalypse and his ultra-Sentinels. Suddenly something goes wrong. The entire fabric of time is being rewritten, destroying everything around him. His computer tells him that the time shift originates with a time-traveler named Bishop, who altered the course of history on a time-trip back to the late 1990's. He watches the events unfolding on his computer while he tries to decide how to correct the situation.
           Flashback to Days of Future Past, where Bishop has just returned after saving Senator Kelly from Mystique. Forge tells him that even though President Kelly did keep his promise to work for mutant rights, a genetically-engineered plague swept the world. It was blamed on mutants, and the same wars erupted. The X-Men were killed in the initial wave, so Xavier was never able to prevent the mutant oppression that followed.
           Bishop heads back through time again to stop the plague. The X-Men find him instigating a riot when the FOH attack a pair of helpless mutants. They break up the riot and take him back to the Mansion. Bishop tells them that the plague will kill millions of people, and they'll get blamed. Then Jubilee and Storm return from the mall, and admit that they got blamed for making a store owner sick with the plague. (Actually, a member of the FOH infected the salesman with an airborne sample of the virus, trying to frame Jubilee.) Beast covertly obtains a medical report on the store owner, and a sample of his blood, and discovers that the virus is indeed genetically engineered. It's relatively harmless in a human's body, but will turn deadly if a mutant is ever infected.
           Beast attends a Senatorial hearing the next day, and debates the plague issue with Graydon Creed. The FOH leader tries to infect him with a small, hand-held hypodermic unit, but Bishop intervenes and nearly causes another riot. Creed gets infected by his own virus. After the X-Men drag Bishop out to the Blackbird, he proves that Creed tried to kill Beast. They track Creed back to his hideout, where the virus is being created. There they discover that Creed's 'assistant' is really Apocalypse in disguise. Creed passes out from horror when he realizes that his 'trusted assistant' is really a hated mutant. Apocalypse tries to kill them, but they fight back. Finally he fires at Bishop and Wolverine, but hits his own huge virus containment units. Bishop lobs a plasma grenade into the vats to destroy the virus, and they blow up. Beast rescues Creed as they escape the resulting destruction.
           Cable, still watching events from his own century, realizes that if Bishop destroys the virus, the necessary antibodies will never be formed in mutant DNA. Uncontrollable mutations in the coming decades will wipe out millions of people--including his own family. He's torn because he's devoted his entire life to destroying Apocalypse, yet he must help Apocalypse protect the virus by stopping Bishop if his own people are to survive. He just barely manages to activate his time-transporter and 'warp out' before the time-change catches him, and he's 'erased' with his son and teammates.
           He materializes just a few moments after Bishop originally teleported--a full day before Beast's speech in Washington--and tries to kill him. Bishop escapes, and heads toward the riot scene where FOH members are tormenting two mutants. Cable follows. The X-Men arrive as he's shooting at Bishop, and they all fight each other. Cyclops shoots Cable's cybernetic arm, damaging his circuitry. Cable leaves and repairs it. He reappears in Washington just as Creed is trying to infect Beast with the virus, and deliberately tackles Wolverine. The Canadian mutant welcomes a rematch, and they fight while the rest of the team subdues Bishop. Cyclops is about to shoot Cable again, but Jean psychically 'sees' images of Cyclops and her in Cable's mind. She knows that Cable is a crucial part of their future, so she keeps Cyclops from hurting him.
           Cable kidnaps Wolverine and takes him back to the motel room. He asks for Wolverine's help in defeating Apocalypse, but Wolverine doesn't believe him and tries to escape. Cable has to knock him out. The rest of the team follows Creed back to his hideout, and tunnel down into the chambers beneath the FOH headquarters. Cable wakes Wolverine back up, and teleports them into the chamber just as Apocalypse is revealing himself, and Creed is fainting in horror. They all fight Apocalypse, but this time when Apocalypse shoots at Wolverine and Bishop, Cable keeps Bishop from pulling Wolverine out of danger. The blast hurls Wolverine back into the containment vats, shattering them. He's instantly infected with the virus.
           Cable throws a force field bomb at Apocalypse to keep him from interfering while Wolverine's mutant healing ability kicks in. Within moments, Wolverine is completely cured. Bishop and the rest of the team realize that Wolverine's special healing has created antibodies which will protect them all. Cable and Bishop throw plasma grenades at the vats, destroying the virus, then they escape as the building blows up. Beast rescues Creed, and carries him back up to the surface. While everyone runs away from the exploding building, Bishop triggers his time-transporter and returns to his own time.
           Back at the Mansion, Beast gives Wolverine a full medical exam, and a clean bill of health. The antibodies in his blood will cure all the previously-infected people, and protect the mutants so none of them will get sick. Satisfied that his work is done, Cable returns to his century and finds his son waiting for him. The danger has been averted again...for now.

A Rogue's Tale
           Mystique meets Mr. Sinister late at night in a deserted building. He tells her that now will be the perfect time to reclaim her adopted daughter, Rogue. Mystique is elated by his news. She and her gang set up a diversion to lure the X-Men. After a brief skirmish, Rogue is momentarily knocked to the ground. When she looks up, she sees a strangely-familiar woman staring down at her, and that brings back some very bizarre memories. She's frightened because she knows that the mysterious woman is tied into her past, and wants revenge for something that Rogue did a long time ago. The only problem is, she doesn't know what she did that could warrant such vengeance. She panics and starts screaming.
           The X-Men take her back to the Mansion. She tells them that Xavier had erased some of her more painful memories, but obviously she doesn't know which ones. Then she starts seeing the woman everywhere she looks, and almost hurts her friends trying to chase the ghostly figure away. Jean tries to psychically calm her, but the woman traps Rogue in her own mind and tries to fight her. Rogue breaks free and smashes through the Mansion trying to escape. Storm follows her, but can't keep up. The ghost flying beside her tells her to come into the nearby hospital. Rogue obeys, and disappears down the roof hatchway.
           Mystique has been hiding in the shadows. Impersonating Storm, she summons the X-Men to the hospital. They quickly arrive, and are attacked by the Brotherhood. Mystique hurries into the hospital, mimics the mysterious woman, and leads Rogue into a room. Rogue is stunned to find the woman in a coma, and even more stunned when her 'double' changes into Mystique. The polymorph convinces Rogue to absorb her memories. That's when she learns that the woman in the bed is Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel). Rogue relives the trauma of having discovered that she was a mutant, by kissing her boyfriend Cody and absorbing his life energy.
           After she ran away from home, Mystique adopted her and let her join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Then Mystique set a trap for Ms. Marvel, and had Rogue permanently absorb all of her mutant abilities--and, unfortunately, her personality. The resulting battle between good and evil--Ms. Marvel vs. Mystique--nearly drove her insane. That was when she left the Brotherhood, and Xavier mentally called out to her.
           Absorbing Mystique's memories triggers her own, and releases Ms. Marvel from the psychic shields that Xavier had placed in her mind to protect her. Ms. Marvel drags her deep into her own mind so that they can fight on the same battleground, and nearly defeats her, trying to claim Rogue's body as her own. In desperation, Rogue grabs Mystique and tries to fly away. Jean psychically intervenes before Danvers can hurt either of them, and helps Rogue build an unbreakable psychic cage to imprison Ms. Marvel's spirit. Even though Rogue now remembers her past, she still refuses to go back to Mystique, and decides to remain with Gambit and the X-Men.

Beauty and the Beast
           Beast has developed a new type of surgery which will restore sight to blind people. His first patient is Carly, a beautiful young girl who's been blind since birth. Over the months that he's been working with her, they've fallen deeply in love with each other. He's never told her that he's a bizarre-looking mutant, so he's shocked when he learns that she already knows...and doesn't care.
           The Friends of Humanity, incensed that a 'filthy mutant' is treating human patients, attack the hospital and try to harm Beast and Carly. Beast rescues her, and promises to always protect her. Then her father learns that he's a mutant and insists that Beast stay away from his daughter, so another surgeon performs the actual operation. The procedure is a success--Carly is able to see for the first time. Beast sneaks into her room so that she can see what he really looks like, then leaves when Carly's father finds them together. A few moments later, he discovers that the FOH have broken into Carly's room and kidnaped her. Beast swears to find her, no matter what it takes.
           While Beast is going crazy with rage and worry, Wolverine infiltrates their headquarters by pretending to be a mutant-attacked human. As Beast rescues Carly, he exposes the FOH's leader, Graydon Creed, by proving that Creed's father is none other than the renegade mutant, Sabertooth. Creed panics, and starts screaming and shooting at Sabertooth's hologram. The X-Men escape during the resulting chaos. Carly's father is humbled to realize that mutants rescued his precious daughter, and apologizes to Beast. Beast decides that, even though they love each other very much, it's not safe for Carly to be seen with him. He sends her back with her father, for her own protection, and returns to the Mansion alone.

Mojo Vision
           In another dimension, a hideous creature called Mojo controls the entire entertainment field by pitting live opponents against each other in giant, televised competition arenas. When he becomes aware of the X-Men's existence, he kidnaps them and brings them to his dimension to boost his intergalactic ratings. They're forced to fight in a variety of bizarre situations, but finally break free. Longshot, Mojo's genetically-engineered leading star, has the mutant power of exceptionally good luck. He helps the X-Men escape and return to their own dimension. 
(Definitely not one of their better episodes!)

Reunion - Parts I & II
           Rejoin Professor Xavier and Magneto in the Savage Lands as they're captured in a swamp by the Mutates, a group of genetically-engineered mutants who now work for Mr. Sinister. Two giant dinosaurs attack the Mutates' raft, allowing Xavier and Magneto to escape. They swim to shore and untie each other, then disappear into the trees. A few minutes later they're attacked by Kazar, a local tribesman, and his sabertooth, Tabaa. Kazar hates Magneto for creating the Mutates and bringing strife to his people. Magneto promises to infiltrate the Citadel and rescue Kazar's wife and people.
           Meanwhile, the X-Men get a furtive message from Morph. When Jean, Scott, and Wolverine investigate, Morph warns them that 'he' (Sinister) is nearby, watching their every move. Before they can escape, the Nasty Boyz attack. Though Cyclops and Wolverine try to protect Jean, Sinister kidnaps her. Morph, once again under Sinister's mental control, helps defeat Cyclops and Wolverine.
           In the Citadel, the Mutates capture and imprison Magneto and Xavier. Kazar and Tabaa escape just before Sinister returns with Jean. Sauron, a pterodactyl-like Mutate with the power of hypnosis, controls Xavier's mind, and makes him contact the X-Men. Morph and Magneto are both outraged by this abuse to their friend. Morph breaks free of his evil conditioning and tries to attack Sinister. The Nasty Boyz catch him and tie him up next to Xavier and Magneto. Xavier--who's completely hypnotized--gives Beast his coordinates, and asks the X-Men to join him. As soon as Scott and Wolverine return to the Mansion, the team heads out in the Blackbird, even though they realize that it's probably a trap.
           They discover Xavier's mini-jet at the edge of the Savage Lands, then realize that their mutant powers have vanished. Before they can escape, they're attacked by the Mutates. Wolverine escapes by jumping off a cliff into a deep river, but the others are captured. The Mutates search for Wolverine in the forest, but can't find him, so they return to the Citadel with their prisoners. While he's following them, he encounters Kazar. The primitive warrior thinks he's one of Sinister's men, and attacks him. After a brief fight, Wolverine assures him that he hates Sinister, too, so they join forces.
           Without warning, they're attacked by soldiers riding pterodactyls. Kazar steals one of the pterodactyls, Wolverine swings aboard, and they fly the rest of the way to the Citadel. Kazar heads downstairs to rescue his wife and townspeople. In the tower, Sinister is boasting that he created a special Genoshan-style generator which blankets the entire region, and is taking away Xavier and Magneto's mutant powers. He and his band still have their own mutant abilities because they're wearing special belts--opposites of the Genosha slave collars--which cancel the generator's effects. He's also devised a method for transferring one mutant's powers into another mutant. His first test subject is Magneto--he temporarily drains Magneto's powers and transfers them into Vertigo. Her own powers of creating intense dizziness are dramatically increased.
           Sinister decides that his next subject will be Rogue. Gambit finally admits that he loves her, and kisses her. Then Gorgeous drags her out of their cell, and fastens her to the wall near Xavier. Yet before Sinister can experiment on her, Wolverine appears and starts destroying things. Vertigo tries to stop him, but he manages to free Morph, Magneto, and Xavier. They promptly begin smashing Sinister's computers. The moment the generator's destroyed, their powers return. All chaos breaks loose as the other X-Men escape from their cage and start fighting Sinister's men.
           Kazar appears with the angry villagers, but BrainChild--one of Sinister's mutates--shuts the main door, blocking them out. Cyclops attacks Sinister and, again, actually manages to hurt him. Sinister promptly triggers Morph's psychic control, forcing him to grab a gun. Morph shoots Xavier in the shoulder, wounding him, then turns on Cyclops. Xavier psychically reassures him that no matter what Sinister's done to him, he'll always be one of the X-Men. Strengthened, Morph throws off Sinister's conditioning again and joins the fight at Cyclops' side.
           With Jean and Storm's help, he and Cyclops combine forces and disintegrate Sinister's body. Then, before the villain can re-form, Jean telekinetically scatters his molecules throughout the air. Storm opens the main doors, allowing the villagers access to the tower, and they quickly defeat the rest of the Mutates and Sinister's Nasty Boyz.
           Sauron triggers the self-destruct mechanism, and the tower starts to explode. Everyone escapes in time, but the entire tower is demolished. The X-Men and Magneto go back to Kazar's village, and help rebuild their homes. Morph is loaded onto a stretcher and moved into the Blackbird, so that they can take him back to the Mansion and remove Sinister's implant from his brain. Xavier is pleased that his students were able to carry on without him. Magneto confesses that it felt good to fight at Xavier's side again, so Xavier begs him to join their cause. Magneto refuses, and soars back into the air...but there's a smile on his face as he looks back down at Xavier, then disappears.

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