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Night of The Sentinels - Parts I & II

           The existence of the X-Men first becomes known when giant robotic Sentinels attack the Salem Mall and try to kidnap a young mutant girl, Jubilation Lee. Storm, Rogue, and Gambit divert the robots while Cyclops rescues her. Jubilee discovers that the X-Men are a league of crime-fighting mutants. Frightened by the Sentinels' threat to her foster parents, she escapes from Xavier's mansion and tries to return to her home. The Sentinels track her there, and this time they succeed in kidnaping her.
           To keep other mutants from being kidnaped and possibly killed, the X-Men raid the government-sponsored Mutant Control Agency, and destroy all the records on known mutants. Before they can escape, however, they're attacked by more Sentinels. Morph is lost in the fight and presumed dead, and Beast is taken captive. The remaining X-Men attack the MCA's secret headquarters, and rescue Jubilee. Of her own volition, she leaves her foster-family and returns to Xavier's mansion for training.

Enter Magneto
           Shortly afterwards, Magneto forces a showdown between Xavier and himself by trying to destroy a military installation. The X-Men defuse the armed missiles and protect the soldiers. Magneto is furious when he learns that they're Xavier's pupils. He begs them to join his 'holy cause' against the humans, but they refuse. In retaliation, Magneto attacks a toxic chemical plant. Once again, the X-Men rescue the workers, though Cyclops is nearly killed in the attempt.
           Xavier knows that Magneto will cause more wanton destruction if he continues ignoring him, so he faces Magneto at the chemical plant. Magneto appeals to him, begging him to join 'his own kind' in the battle against the evil humans. Xavier believes that peace can be achieved through peaceful interaction with the humans, and refuses to destroy them. Eventually he's forced to use his awesome telepathic abilities to defeat Magneto. Still, he hasn't forgotten that Magneto was once his closest friend. He allows Magneto to escape. Magneto swears to destroy the human race so that mutants can survive in peace.

Deadly Reunions
           During Beast's preliminary court hearing, a mutant suddenly goes berserk and starts trying to destroy the courtroom. Wolverine recognizes the maverick as his old enemy, Sabertooth. After the guards shoot Sabertooth, Cyclops brings him back to Xavier's Mansion for medical treatment, despite Wolverine's strident objections. Xavier tries to reach Sabertooth psychically, but without success. Then Wolverine tries to kill Sabertooth, and Xavier intervenes. Disgusted, the Canadian mutant disappears to sulk for a while.
           When a new threat from Magneto emerges, Xavier leaves Jubilee behind to keep an eye on Sabertooth, and he takes the team out to stop his enemy. Sabertooth escapes his bonds and attacks Jubilee. Before he can kill her, however, Wolverine returns and rescues her. Xavier comes back just in time to see Sabertooth nearly kill Wolverine. Jubilee blasts him through a wall trying to defend her teammate. Xavier admits that he was wrong not to listen to Wolverine, and promises to be more open-minded in the future.

Captive Hearts
           A few weeks later, while Scott and Jean are out on a date, they see a group of humans threatening a small mutant child. When they try to protect him, they discover that he was sent to lure them into the tunnels beneath the city. They're kidnaped by the Morlocks, the group of mutants who live in the abandoned subway tunnels. Their leader, Callisto, has been watching the X-Men for a long time, and wants Scott to stay there as her mate. When Jean protests, she's put under a hypnotic spell to keep from fighting them.
           The other X-Men realize that Scott and Jean are in trouble, so they follow their teammates down into the tunnels. The Morlocks, using their unique mutant skills, fight and nearly defeat the X-Men. Finally Storm, hoping to save her teammates lives', challenges Callisto to a duel. She manages to control her claustrophobia long enough to defeat Callisto in hand-to-hand combat. As a result, she not only frees the X-Men, but becomes the new leader of the Morlocks.

Cold Vengeance
           Wolverine loves Jean just as much as Scott does, and he's jealous because she returns Scott's feelings. He takes off for northern Canada, nursing a broken heart. Up there in the ice fields, he's befriended by a tribe of primitive Eskimos. He gradually finds new peace as he works beside them, struggling for survival. But his newfound peace is short-lived. His old enemy, Sabertooth, discovers that he's there. One of the tribe's hunters, jealous because Wolverine is their new 'favorite,' plots with Sabertooth to kill him.
           Sabertooth attacks the entire tribe, and Wolverine is almost killed trying to save them from destruction. The young hunter realizes that he was wrong to resent Wolverine, and risks his own life to help save his people. Wolverine manages to defeat Sabertooth by kicking him off a cliff into the icy waters below them. Finally, realizing that he can't outrun his past, he returns to the X-Men.

Slave Island
           When the X-Men hear that the Genosha government is welcoming mutants to their vacation resort, Xavier allows Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee to check it out. At first, everything seems fine--the people are friendly, and the resort is beautiful and relaxing. Then they're captured by Sentinel robots. Too late, they discover that the Genoshans are using a special collar (based on Gottfried Adler's anti-mutant designs) to enslave mutants. During the day, they're forced to build a giant dam which creates hydroelectric power to construct more Sentinels in a secret underground base. At night, they're locked into jail cells.
           Jubilee tries to lead a revolt against the Genoshans, but a traitor betrays them. She and Storm are horrified to learn that the traitor is Gambit. Storm is thrown into solitary confinement, and eventually Jubilee is forced to join her. Gambit escapes while being taken to see the Genoshan Leader. He's aided by a rebel mutant named Cable, who's searching for the Leader--and the mysterious Dr. Adler--for reasons of his own. Gambit leads a raid against the Genoshans, and with the help of Storm and the rest of the X-Men, destroys the giant dam. Most of the Sentinels are also destroyed.

The Unstoppable Juggernaut
           When the team returns from Genosha, they find that the Mansion has been destroyed by a 'giant.' Xavier is missing, but they finally learn that he got an unusual call from the Muir Island Mutant Research Center, and will be gone for a few days. Relieved that he wasn't killed in the Mansion's attack, they track their interloper into town. When Jubilee sees a huge Russian mutant (Colossus) transforming into solid steel and demolishing an abandoned building, she's positive that she's caught their criminal. Colossus protests that he's only working with the local demolition crew. No one except Wolverine will listen to him, and the Russian mutant is put in jail.
           Eventually they find the real culprit robbing a bank--a giant who calls himself Juggernaut. They break Colossus out of jail, and combine forces to defeat Juggernaut. He brags that he destroyed the Mansion trying to kill his half-brother, Xavier. Appalled by his destructive tendencies, Jean puts a temporary block on his memories, so that he won't cause any more trouble, then reluctantly lets him go free again.

The Cure
           With Colossus's help, the X-Men rebuild the elegant old Mansion. But tempers are running high, so everyone is relieved to finally hear from Professor Xavier. He tells them that he's with Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island. One of her scientists, Gottfried Adler, has devised a 'cure' for mutants which will turn them back into ordinary humans again.
           Rogue, longing to touch Gambit without hurting him, sneaks away from the team and heads there alone. Unfortunately, she isn't the only person interested in Adler's 'cure'. Unknown to Moira, Dr. Adler has already been killed and is being impersonated by the evil shapeshifter, Mystique. And she's contacted two other mutants, Avalanche and Pyro, hoping to cut them in on her scheme. Cable is also lurking in the shadows, hoping to get a clear shot at Dr. Adler--the anti-mutant slave collars that were developed from his research have imprisoned millions of mutants in his own far-future time. He wants to destroy Adler before his research can be completed, thereby averting a tragic future.
           'Adler' agrees to use the process on Rogue, but is interrupted by Avalanche and Pyro, who don't realize that Mystique is Adler, and try to kidnap him/her. The X-Men arrive then and, with Rogue and Cable's help, manage to rescue 'Adler,' not knowing that it's really Mystique. Rogue finally realizes that her unique talents are more valuable than being able to touch another person, so she declines the treatment and goes home with Gambit and the X-Men.

Come the Apocalypse
           Warren Worthington III, the Angel, is the first to undergo Adler's so-called 'cure'--he doesn't know that Apocalypse has warped the scientist's research for his own purposes. Instead of turning Worthington into a normal human, the process changes him into a living weapon of evil. Three other mutants are also 'changed,' and become Apocalypse's infamous "Four Horsemen."
           The X-Men follow Apocalypse to his secret hideout beneath Stonehenge, and battle his Horsemen there. Horrified by what happened to Worthington, Rogue deliberately touches him, trying to drain away the hatred inside him along with part of his life energy. She's partly successful--Worthington regains his senses, and helps them defeat Apocalypse. Then, calling himself the Archangel, he disappears into the night, swearing to find some way of destroying Apocalypse forever.

Days of Future Past - Parts I & II
           Two hundred years in the future, a bounty hunter named Bishop captures Wolverine and turns him over the mutant death camps. Wolverine escapes the guardian Sentinels, and takes Bishop with him to a secret meeting with Forge. The Indian scientist has invented a time portal which can take them back through time to stop an assassination attempt on Senator Robert Kelly. Kelly's death was/will be the turning point against mutants, and will result in a series of wars which nearly wipe out humanity and mutants alike. Bishop goes through the portal, intent on killing 'the traitor' before Kelly can be assassinated.
           He arrives at the right time in history, but with his memories scrambled. He can't remember who 'the traitor' is, only that it's one of the X-Men. Bishop attacks the Mansion and tries to kill the X-Men, but Jubilee and Wolverine stop him. Xavier probes his memory, and verifies that Bishop really is from the future. He agrees that the assassination must be avoided, if they can only figure out who the victim and attacker are. Then Gambit walks in, and Bishop attacks him. He swears that Gambit is 'the traitor,' and is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Gambit swears to find out what's going on, and tries to head for Washington, but Wolverine and Bishop stop him.
           Even though they still don't know who they need to protect, the rest of the X-Men go to Washington with Xavier, who's supposed to testify before the Senate Committee on Mutant Affairs. Gambit provokes Bishop into a fight during a poker game, then blows up the rec room as a diversion and escapes. As soon as he gets to Washington, he heads for the Senate, with Bishop and Wolverine in hot pursuit.
           Mystique's band of evil mutants--Avalanche, Pyro, and the Blob--set up a diversion of their own, and act like they're going to kill Senator Kelly. Mystique, disguised as his trusted aide, rushes him to a 'safe place'--then changes into Gambit and threatens to kill him. Before she can pull the trigger, Gambit appears in the doorway and they start fighting. Bishop appears and stuns the real Gambit. Before he can shoot Mystique, Rogue appears and yanks off his special armband, sending Bishop back into the future. Then she realizes that the fake Gambit is Mystique...and her adopted mother, who took her in when she was a thirteen-year-old runaway. Shaken, she helps Mystique escape.
           Senator Kelly has asked to speak to Xavier, so he and his team go to Kelly's office--only to find it a shambles. Senator Kelly has been kidnaped again...by Magneto.

Final Decisions
           Magneto has taken Senator Kelly to his hideout, and is planning to kill him. He describes growing up during World War II, and swears that he has to kill Kelly to prevent millions of mutants from being slaughtered. Sentinels suddenly arrive and demolish Magneto's ship, badly injuring him in the process, then take Kelly away with them. Shortly afterwards, the X-Men arrive, hoping to rescue Senator Kelly. They find Magneto amid the wreckage, and take him back to the Mansion for medical care. Xavier is determined to go after Kelly. One by one, his students agree to join him. Magneto, certain that their cause is futile, stays behind at the Mansion.
           Larry Trask, who invented the Sentinels, sent them to rescue the Senator. He wants Kelly to pass a bill requiring more Sentinels, to eradicate or consign all mutants to slave camps until their deaths. Kelly agrees. Trask orders Mastermold, his most advanced Sentinel, to begin making more Sentinels for mutant destruction. Mastermold refuses, claiming that it's illogical to protect humans from mutants because mutants are humans, and therefore humans must be protected from themselves. He intends to kidnap every leader in the world, and replace their brains with robotic brains--starting with Senator Kelly. That way, he'll be able to rule the world himself.
           The X-Men capture Trask's partner, Peter Gyrich, and force him to reveal the location of the hidden Sentinel base. Then they head off to rescue Senator Kelly. Trask, horrified by the monster he's inadvertently created, helps to destroy Mastermold's mountain base while the rest of the X-Men battle his Sentinels. Finally Xavier loads the Blackbird with megatons of high explosives, and aims himself straight at Mastermold. At the last second, Magneto appears and protects the plane with a strong magnetic field. Xavier punches free, and parachutes to the ground while Mastermold explodes. Magneto claims that now he and Xavier are even, and a temporary truce is forged.
           The X-Men return Senator Kelly to Washington, where he agrees to lobby for mutant rights. He wins the Presidency--and his first official act is to pardon Beast and release him from jail.
           The next morning, Jean and Scott are enjoying the sunrise on a hillside behind Xavier's mansion. Scott proposes to her, and she accepts. They talk about having children, and what the future may hold. Unknown to them, their every move is being watched, and their future is already being plotted...by the evil super-villain, Mr. Sinister..

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