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           For untold centuries, visitors have traveled to the magnificent Egyptian Giza plateau to stare in wonder at its spectacular, timeless treasures. From all corners of the world they come to gaze, speechless, at the three massive pyramids which grace Giza's dusty, wind-driven plain.
           Khufu, Khafre, Menkure.   Their royal names and legends have survived over countless generations, whispering of Egypt's ancient splendor and incomparable heritage.
           Yet nothing on Earth can compare with Giza's most precious jewel...the enigmatic Great Sphinx. Since the beginning of recorded history, philosophers and wise men have endowed the ancient Sphinx with mystical origins and equally magical powers. Scholars and scientists have devoted their entire careers to solving the Sphinx's unsolvable mysteries.
           In the 1940's, a renowned psychic named Edgar Cayce shocked the world by predicting that a rectangular chamber would someday be discovered beneath the Sphinx's front paws. He claimed that the chamber contained records which would reveal mankind's true origins.
           Recent scientific studies have indicated that the Sphinx may be thousands of years older than was previously believed. And modern seismographers have located a large rectangular chamber directly beneath the Sphinx's front paws...exactly where Edgar Cayce predicted it would be!
           Speculation runs high about what the mysterious chamber may contain. Cayce himself referred to the lost, mythical continent of Atlantis...but no one knows for sure. The chamber has not yet been opened.
           And so the debate continues...

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