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Mr. Sinister has attacked Muir Island, and kidnaped Moira MacTaggert and her mutant son, Kevin. Are the X-Men walking into a deadly trap?
Rogue is nearly killed when the X-Men battle Mr. Sinister. Will the miracle that saves her life have an unexpected bonus--can she and Gambit finally touch each other?
What really happens when Gambit and Rogue are left alone! (x-rated)

A newly-discovered, malevolent lifeform leads Wolverine and Storm into the adventure of their lives down in the pre-Aztec ruins of ancient Teotihuacan.
Wolverine and Storm face their most difficult challenge--whether or not to reclaim the love they once shared in a war-torn alternate universe.

Xavier has accepted a very unusual new student...a non-mutant with emerging mutant powers! Can Beast save her life when they're attacked high over the Colorado mountains?
Mystique and her new band have their own plan for Carly--and it doesn't include Dr. Henry McCoy! Who will survive the battle...and who will be destroyed?

Introduction to "The Sphinx Saga,"   a 7-part mini-series which spans the entire galaxy...and beyond.
Episode 1 of "The Sphinx Saga."   A priceless treasure discovered in the sacred chamber under the mystical Sphinx may spell disaster--or salvation--for the entire human race.
Episode 2 of "The Sphinx Saga."   Rogue is finally free of Carol Danvers' presence in her mind...but has the vengeful ex-Ms. Marvel gotten her long-awaited revenge?
Episode 3 of "The Sphinx Saga."  Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, and Rogue travel halfway across the galaxy to discover the secret behind Carol Danvers' sudden disappearance.
Episode 4 of "The Sphinx Saga."  Professor Xavier learns the secrets of the mysterious portal--and realizes that he may have unknowingly sentenced his four missing students to death.
Episode 5 of "The Sphinx Saga."   Jubilee and Proteus risk possible death by traveling through the portal to rescue their stranded teammates. But who will rescue them?
Kevin and Jubilee discover danger and passion beneath the moonlit skies on the Nexus planet. (x-rated)
Episode 6 of "The Sphinx Saga."   Peril stalks the Sphinx Team's two youngest members as they search for their missing teammates. But an even greater peril awaits on the slavers' remote island. Who will survive the battle--and who will die?
Episode 7 of "The Sphinx Saga."   Sinister has taken control of the mystical alien portal...and the entire universe is at risk. Is the returning Sphinx Team walking into a lethal trap?

Two years ago, Rogue learned something about Gambit's past that she couldn't face, and she ran away. Now it's time for her to return. Will Gambit still be there, waiting for her?
 In an alternate universe where tentative peace between humans and mutants exists, Jubilee is about to choose her first lover. Who will be the lucky X-Man? (x-rated)
(Sequel to "One Enchanted Evening")  Rogue's beautiful daughter, Serena, is on the verge of womanhood... and she's terrified that her mother’s deadly legacy may be lurking in the wings, waiting to claim another victim!   (x-rated)


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