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           Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) - Few people know that Xavier is actually the world's most powerful telepath. He's best known for his support and research into mutant genetics. He also runs a special school which teaches mutants to use their awesome powers for the good of all mankind. His elite team of mutant adventurers, known as the X-Men, battle evildoers as they work together to bring peace between mutants and the humans who fear their special abilities. Crippled in an accident many years ago, Xavier uses the power of his mind to levitate his special hoverchair and move around. He and President Kelly are working together to end the hostilities against his people.

           Scott Summers (Cyclops) - Scott has the ability to shoot red laser bursts from his eyes. Unfortunately, he can't control this power without special optic glasses or a visor (when he's in uniform) which block his abilities. Since his power is garnered from sunlight, he will temporarily lose his optic blasts if he's underground for too long, but they'll return the moment he gets close to solar radiation again.
           Scott was orphaned as a child, when his parents were apparently killed in a plane crash. To date, he hasn't yet discovered that his younger brother, Alex, also survived the crash and is working for a governmental mutant peacekeeping force (X-Factor) under the code name of Havok. Recently he did learn that his father, Major Christopher Summers (Corsair), also survived, and is the leader of an alien band of renegade outlaws known as the StarJammers. After they saved each other's lives a few times, he and Corsair started making peace and becoming friends. Corsair doesn't yet know that Alex also survived the plane crash, either.

           Jean Gray (Marvel Girl) - Jean was recruited by Professor Xavier because of her high levels of telepathy and telekinesis. She can also 'fly' by levitating herself. Though not as powerful as the Professor, she's a valuable member of his team. Her powers were recently enhanced by temporarily absorbing an alien entity known as the Phoenix.
           She and Scott have been dating for several years, and recently got married. Unknown to them (in this time period), they have a son named Nathan. Cable, as he's more commonly known, was/will be born in the far future, as a result of a time-traveling experiment. Cable has the ability to travel through time via his computer. He also has latent telepathic and teleportational abilities. Even though he's kept his identity secret, and professes to hate them for 'abandoning' him (to save his life) in that distant time period, he's come to their rescue on a few occasions.

           Ororo Monroe (Storm) - Storm's parents, an American engineer and an African/Egyptian princess, were killed in an earthquake in Cairo when Storm was a young child. Orphaned and helpless, she was taken in by a group of thieves who prowled the streets of Cairo. They taught her so well that she became the most successful child pickpocket in the entire area. For a time, she was controlled by an evil energy being known as the Shadow King, who used her thieving skills for his own benefit. Xavier defeated the Shadow King and exiled his spirit to the mystical Astral Plane, where he's remained (most of the time) since then.
           Storm spent several years traveling around the world, then returned to her homeland and became a 'Goddess' to the primitive tribes who occupied the vast African plains, controlling the weather so that they would prosper. Xavier found her there, and asked her to join his team of mutant adventurers. A chance reunion with Gambit in Paris led Storm to inviting the Cajun thief back to Xavier's Mansion, where he's remained to this day. Though she suffers from acute claustrophobia as a result of that early earthquake, Storm's ability to control all aspects of the weather makes her a valuable member of the X-Men.

           Logan (Wolverine) - Logan's last name, like most of his past, is unknown. A Canadian mutant with hyper-acute senses and an unprecedented healing ability, Logan was kidnaped by a team of scientists and 'altered' in a bizarre experiment which fused adamantium--the strongest metal on earth--with his skeletal structure. Only his healing abilities kept him alive during the process which had killed dozens of other subjects. At that time, he discovered that long adamantium claws could shoot out the back of his hands. He destroyed the laboratory and killed many of the scientists trying to escape.
           He was found in the woods, half-mad from shock and pain, by a pair of agents from Canada's secret mutant force, Alpha Flight. They cared for him until he regained his health and sanity, then recruited him to their team. However, an opposing agency (possibly the same one who'd experimented on him before) apparently had other plans for Wolverine. He and three of his teammates were captured and brainwashed to become ultra-efficient killing machines. Part of the brainwashing included implanting false memories into him to test his strengths and weaknesses, and hone his analytical abilities.
           As a result, he no longer trusts anything but his most immediate memories, as several of his most trusted memories were proven to be false. His long-time death feud with his ex-partner, Sabertooth, may stem from these implanted memories. He's loyal to Xavier and his teammates, but hides his true feelings behind an irascible temperament and sometimes dangerously hostile outbursts.

           Henry "Hank" McCoy (Beast) - Beast is the only member of Xavier's team who doesn't look human. He's covered with shaggy blue fur, and has sharp claws and fangs. Though he looks more like a savage primate, he's actually the most intelligent member of the team, as well as one of the world's top scientists.
           His mutation appeared when he was a teenager, but the final transformation didn't occur until much later, while he and another scientist were working on a process to reverse genetic mutations. In an effort to keep his experimental formula out of the hands of a renegade scientist, he swallowed the potion himself. Instead of curing him, the formula accelerated his own mutation process, permanently changing him to his current appearance.
           In addition to his keen intelligence and a tendency to quote poetry, he possesses extremely high agility and superhuman strength, and can use his feet as an extra set of hands when needed. A few years ago, while developing a procedure to reverse blindness, he fell in love with a young woman named Carly. Though she returns his feelings, for her own safety and protection, he rarely sees her.

           Remy LeBeau (Gambit) - Like many of the X-Men, Gambit was orphaned at an early age. He was found by Jean-Luc LeBeau, head of the legendary Thieves' Guild in New Orleans, when he was four years old. Jean-Luc, delighted by the child's audacity in trying to pick his pocket, adopted Gambit and later initiated him into the Thieves' Guild. Though Gambit has no memories of his first four years, there are some indications that he may actually be Scott Summers' elder brother. Neither Scott, Corsair, or he are currently aware of this possibility.
           As a teenager, Gambit fell in love with Belladonna, the daughter of his family's rival guild. Belle's family--the infamous Assassins' Guild--was furious at their proposed marriage. His own guild was equally outraged. To protect her, he left New Orleans on the night before their wedding and didn't return for several years. In the intervening years, he fell in love with his mutant teammate, Rogue. Though a recent return to New Orleans forced him to make a choice between the two women, he didn't admit to his love for Rogue until much later. He's sworn never to return to New Orleans--or Belladonna--again.
           Like Scott, Gambit's mutant ability is energy-based--he can kinetically charge any object and make it explode. His favorite weapons are playing cards, which he charges and then throws at his target. He's also very proficient with a collapsible bo-staff, which he carries in his hip pocket. He still wears his thieves' uniform--body armor, special gloves, and a long trench coat--but he's added the X-Men insignia to his belt.

           Rogue - Rogue's real name is unknown. She was born in Caldecott Country, Mississippi. Unlike Wolverine, she does know about her past, but refuses to talk about most of it. Her primary mutant ability is the power to absorb life energy from any creature that she touches. She can also absorb memories from humans, and special talents from other mutants. Though she can't control her abilities, there are some indications that this may be more psychological than purely physical. She takes great care to avoid touching anyone, unless it's in defense of her teammates.
           Rogue's mutant ability emerged when she was a teenager, and her boyfriend Cody kissed her for the first time. She inadvertently drained his energy and left him in a coma. Outraged that his daughter was a 'filthy mutant,' her father brutally rejected her. She ran away from home, and was adopted by the shapeshifter Mystique, leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. For several years, she worked with Mystique's team, using her special abilities to steal valuable weapons and documents.
           Hoping to enhance her adopted daughter's abilities, Mystique set a near-fatal trap for her arch-enemy, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers). Rogue permanently absorbed all of Ms. Marvel's mutant powers and, as with Cody, left the powerful super-heroine in a coma. Unfortunately, she also absorbed Carol Danvers' personality in the process. Though she gained the ability to fly, and became practically invulnerable to all physical damage, she nearly went insane when Danvers--trapped inside her mind--began to mentally attack her. In an effort to escape from Ms. Marvel and the knowledge of what she'd done, she ran away from the Brotherhood.
           Xavier felt her despair, and telepathically called out to her. He was able to block the most painful of her memories, including her unwitting assault on Ms. Marvel, and restore her peace of mind. She joined his team shortly before Gambit was recruited. Though she was instantly attracted to Gambit, she fought her emotions for many years. Only recently was she able to admit that she really does love him. But since she still can't touch him without injuring him, their relationship has remained tenuous at best, with both of them retreating behind a teasing banter to keep from being hurt.

           Morph - Morph's real name is also unknown. Like Mystique, he's a very talented shapeshifter. He was killed in the X-Men's first mission against the giant robot Sentinels, but his body was recovered by Xavier's enemy, Mr. Sinister. The evil bio-geneticist brought Morph back to life, then warped him by controlling his mind and using him as a weapon against the X-Men. Morph was eventually able to overcome his evil conditioning and help the X-Men defeat Sinister. Over time, with intensive therapy, he's come to terms with the evil he committed as Sinister's slave, and has even rejoined the X-Men on a few occasions. Though he prefers to work alone for now, Xavier has made it clear that he's welcome to return on a permanent basis at any time.

           Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) - Jubilee, now fifteen years old, is the youngest member of Xavier's team. She was abandoned as a baby, and raised in a series of foster homes. Her first contact with the X-Men came when, at thirteen, she was captured by a Sentinel robot, and they rescued her from danger. Later, she was invited to join Xavier's school. She's able to throw plasma globes from her palms which range from sparkling fireworks to concussive force. Since she's still only in her early teens, Xavier rarely allows her to accompany her teammates on missions which might turn dangerous. She's frequently left behind at the Mansion to monitor any hostile mutant activity on Cerebro, Xavier's supercomputer.

           Bobby Drake (Iceman) - One of the original X-Men, Bobby left the team to try and lead a 'normal' life. His abilities include turning his entire body into crystalline ice, and projecting streams of liquid ice from his hands. By controlling his powers, he can create intricate ice sculptures, quick-freeze his opponents, or project a flow of liquid ice which he 'rides' like a jet-ski.
           After his mutant girlfriend, Lorna Dane (Polaris) disappeared under mysterious circumstances, he attacked a governmental outpost trying to find her. The X-Men intervented, and learned of the existence of X-Factor, the government's mutant peacekeeping agency. Havok (Scott's younger brother, Alex) is the leader of X-Factor, just as Scott is the X-Men's team leader.

           Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) - Because of his bizarre appearance, Kurt was abandoned as a newborn baby, and adopted by a family of Austrian gypsies. He performed in their circus until he reached adulthood. At that time, he felt compelled to join a monastery in the Alps to search for inner peace. He only recently learned that he's Mystique's son by a wealthy Austrian count. Like her, he has indigo skin, which marks him as a mutant, but his overall appearance is much stranger than hers. He has three fingers on each hand, and only two long, prehensile toes on each foot. His bright gold, slanting eyes have no pupils, and he has long pointed ears. He's a highly trained acrobat, and can suspend his full weight from his long, forked tail.
           His mutant skill is teleportation--he can instantly transfer himself and anyone touching him to anyplace within his line of sight. Because of his frightening appearance, he's often been called 'devil,' and people have tried to kill him. The X-Men helped to save him and his comrades at the monastery from angry villagers. Since then, he's tried to help each of them, and Mystique, to find inner peace by turning to God.

           Piotr Rasputin (Colossus) - Piotr, who was born and raised in Siberia, has worked with the X-Men on several occasions. Though he greatly admires Storm, he's particularly close to Jubilee. A huge, energetic Russian, he has the ability to change his entire body from flesh to solid steel, which makes him virtually invulnerable. In his mutant state, he's exceptionally strong, and can withstand incredible explosions and extreme temperatures. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and is always welcome at the Mansion.

           Moira MacTaggert (non-mutant) - Many years ago, Moira and Xavier were engaged. Then she suddenly changed her mind and married Joe MacTaggert. Her son, Kevin, was born a short time later. Joe divorced her when he realized that Kevin was a mutant, and has since remarried and become a very successful politician. Moira runs a mutant research facility on Muir Island, off the coast of Scotland. She and her staff assisted Jean Gray when she was possessed by the alien Phoenix entity, and also helped Morph deal with the trauma of Mr. Sinister's abuse.

           Sean Cassidy (Banshee) - Though he's the lord of Cassidy Keep, a wealthy castle in Ireland, Sean spends much of his time assisting Moira on Muir Island. Over time, they've fallen in love, and are planning to get married soon. Sean uses his powerful voice to overcome enemies, and he can 'fly' by riding on his own sound waves. Xavier has grudgingly accepted their love bonding, and is slowly becoming friends with Sean. Oddly enough, Wolverine (who rarely gets along with anyone) has also reached a curious alliance with the Irishman, and they work well together.

           Kevin MacTaggert (Proteus) - Moira's teenage son, Kevin, has displayed unnerving mutant abilities since his birth. His entire body is engulfed by brilliant golden energy, though if he really concentrates, he can make it disappear for short periods of time. He has the ability to warp reality however he chooses, and is limited only by the bounds of his fertile imagination. The effects vanish, and everything returns to normal, once he's left the immediate vicinity. He's also fully telepathic, nearly as powerful as Xavier himself. This has led to some speculation that he may actually be Xavier's son, rather than Joe MacTaggert's. Xavier first became aware of his existence when he escaped from Muir Island to go searching for MacTaggert.
           Kevin also has the dubious distinction of being the only person capable of frightening Wolverine so badly that he turned and ran from a fight, instead of plunging into it headfirst. Wolverine hasn't yet forgiven Kevin--or himself--for that momentary lapse.

           Warren Worthington, III (Archangel) - Another member of the original X-Men team, Warren (the Angel) possessed huge white wings which he kept strapped to his body when not in use. His wealth and position in society offered him some immunity, so he eventually left the X-Men, hoping to lead a more normal life. When he learned that the German scientist, Gottfried Adler, was working on a 'cure' which would change mutants back into normal human beings, he invested a tremendous amount of money into Adler's research. Unfortunately, Adler was killed by Apocalypse immediately after his work was finished, and Apocalypse perverted his research for his own purposes.
           Warren, the first to undergo the process, was altered in both personality and appearance. His white wings became metallic, and could shoot out deadly steel feather-bolts. He lived only to destroy--until Rogue absorbed part of his life energy, and enough of his hatred to restore his sanity. Since then, he's devoted his life to destroying Apocalypse, no matter what the cost.

           Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke) - Once Xavier's student, Psylocke was kidnaped by the ninja assassin group The Hand, and brainwashed into becoming a member of their team. In the process, they removed her brain and transferred it into a ninja's body, making her the first full telepath-assassin. She also has the ability to create psychokinetic knives which she uses for attack and defense.
           Though Xavier and his team rescued her from The Hand, the damage had already been done. Only intensive therapy restored her to some semblance of normality, and she continues to resent Xavier for not rescuing her sooner. In recent months, she and Warren Worthington have been drawn together, and they're sharing a special healing process--love.

           Bishop - Full name unknown. This traveler from the future has returned to the 1990's several times, and usually brings trouble with him. He and Forge (formerly of X-Factor) have combined their unique talents to alter key points in time which will have a significant effect on their own time period. On the first occasion, he was sent back to prevent the assassination of Senator Kelly. Later, he returned to prevent a plague which was designed by Apocalypse, but blamed on mutants. A third time, he prevented the evil super-Sentinel Nimrod from killing young Dr. Charles Xavier before he could establish his special school for mutants.
           Bishop has the unique mutant ability to absorb any kinetic energy, including energy weapon blasts, and shoot them back at his attackers with devastating force. His temper is nearly as irascible as Wolverine's, and he tends to shoot first, ask questions later. He has a special grudge against Gambit--his history indicates that Gambit was the traitor who assassinated Senator Kelly, and brought down the wrath of humanity on mutants. Though this was proven to be false, his mistrust of the lanky Cajun is still very apparent.

           Carly (non-mutant) - Carly was blind from birth, until a special new procedure developed by Dr. Henry McCoy (Beast) restored her vision. Unlike most people, she wasn't repulsed by his frightening appearance--she fell in love with the gentle, sensitive man she knew was inside his mutant body. Hank was shocked to find that she knew he was a mutant--and didn't care.
           Their love has never faded, even after she was kidnaped and nearly killed by the Friends of Humanity just for associating with him. For her own protection, Beast now rarely sees her. Though she's not a mutant, there are recent indications that her former blindness may have endowed her with special talents which might be useful to certain interested parties. (The only remaining question is who will manage to claim her first.)

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           En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse) - Apocalypse appears to be ageless--early records indicate that he existed even in ancient pre-Egyptian times. He has the ability to change his shape and size at will, mimicking humans or becoming a huge, destructive robot-like entity. In an attempt to destroy humanity, he warped Gottfried Adler's anti-mutant technology and used it to change four mutants into deadly assassins. Only Archangel managed to escape his evil influence, though he remains permanently scarred by the experience.
           Cyclops' futuristic son, Cable, hates Apocalypse with a deadly passion, and has devoted his entire life to destroying the immortal mutant. Little is known about Apocalypse, except that he periodically 'regenerates' in a large chamber within one of the Great Pyramids. Cable traveled through time to destroy that chamber, but Apocalypse retaliated by discovering a way to travel outside of time, and he established a stronghold in the legendary time nexus. Hoping to wipe out humanity forever, he kidnaped the world's foremost psychics, and tried to destroy the time nexus entirely. With Cable's help, the X-Men were able to defeat him, and time and reality were restored. Apocalypse was thrown off the nexus, and has not been seen since that time.

           Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister) - Rumor has it that he was originally a talented bio-geneticist whose experiments (and an unholy alliance with Apocalypse) turned him into a terrifying villain. He's been described as looking like a cross between a vampire and a big ugly spider. His full mutant capabilities are still unknown, but he appears to be virtually impervious to physical damage. He can also emit power blasts from his hands, and seems to have limited telepathic abilities.
           Sinister has been trying for years to establish a mutant 'master race' under his control, using DNA samples from Scott Summers and Jean Gray. After his initial kidnaping attempts failed, he lured the entire X-Team into the Savage Lands. Using a variant of Adler's anti-mutant technology, he rendered their powers inoperative in hopes of gaining his coveted samples. Once again, however, they were able to defeat him. Later, he allied himself with Apocalypse in the time nexus and tried a third time, without success.
           When the alien Phalanx invaded Earth and destroyed his extensive bio-laboratories, he appealed to Xavier's team for help. Beast, X-Factor's Forge, and Magneto assisted him in destroying the Phalanx. Since then, little has been heard from him--it's likely that he and his band of renegades, known as the Nasty Boyz, may be trying to establish a new headquarters somewhere down in South America or the darkest Congo.

The Nasty Boyz (Sinister's Band)
     Ruckus - This tall, white-haired mutant uses the power of his voice to overcome enemies, much like Banshee does. Little is known of his background, though he's clearly an American.
     Gorgeous Jorge - The Australian mutant is easly as tall as Ruckus. His black skin seems to be made of tarry rubber--he can stretch into any shape or position, and even separate to let foreign objects pass through him.
     Hairbag - Origin unknown, but probably comes from an aboriginal tribe in lower Africa. Hairbag is covered with short, bristly brown fur and has sharp fangs, but looks more human than primate. His breath is particularly foul and acrid, and can temporarily blind his opponents. He's also very agile and strong.
     Slab - The balding, muscular Mongol appears to come from Russia. His strength and tenacity seem to be his greatest weapons.

           Erik Magnus Lehnscherr (Magneto) - Once Professor Xavier's most trusted friend, Magneto is now consumed with hatred for all humans. Yet instead of trying to work with them to establish peace, as Xavier does, he longs to obliterate them all. He believes that true peace can only be achieved when all humans are dead, and only mutants remain. His many attempts to cause disorder have failed, usually because Xavier and the X-Men have opposed him.
           Magneto established the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and worked with Mystique, Pyro, Avalanche, and Sabertooth for several years. Then he sought world domination alone, leaving Mystique in charge of the Brotherhood. Finally--weary of the endless battle--he established a mutant sanctuary in space, on Asteroid M, where he and a host of mutants lived in peace until they were betrayed by a rebel named Cortez. Magneto uses the power of magnetism to levitate himself, and to move and manipulate metal objects at will. He can also create strong protective magnetic fields which shield him from danger, and can restore his own energy by passing through the Earth's magnetic fields.
           When he and Xavier were both lured into the Savage Lands by Mr. Sinister, they learned to work together as a team again in order to survive. A tenuous peace exists between them now, though each feels that the other is struggling for peace in vain. Magneto later allied himself with Apocalypse in the time nexus, but he eventually broke that partnership to save Wolverine's life. He also assisted Beast in the fight to save the world from the alien Phalanx.

           Raven Darkholme (Mystique) - A powerful indigo-skinned shapeshifter, Mystique took over the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and has been wreaking havoc ever since. She has three known children--her adopted daughter Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Graydon Creed, her totally-human son by Sabertooth.
           After losing Rogue to the X-Men, Mystique allied herself with Apocalypse. As his slave, she impersonated Gottfried Adler, and helped Apocalypse create his deadly "Four Horsemen." She also impersonated Gambit in an attempt to assassinate Senator Kelly before he could become the new U.S. President. She's desperate to reclaim Rogue as her daughter, and even mimicked Carol Danvers, hoping to restore Rogue's memories of that traumatic event. Though she was successful, Rogue refused to return to the Brotherhood, and remained with Gambit and the X-Men.

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Mystique's Band)
     St. John Allerdyce (Pyro)
- This smart-alec Australian mutant has the power to manipulate flame into any shape he chooses. He wears a flamethrower which gives him plenty of fire to work with.
     Dominic Petroe (Avalanche) - When Avalanche slams his fists on the ground, he can start tremors which will split the ground into fragments. He's very careful to always aim away from himself--the one time he included himself in the 'blast radius,' the tremors nearly destroyed him.
     Fred J. Dukes (The Blob) - Probably the fattest man on Earth, the Blob seems to be made of flexible rubber. No amount of force can damage or move him as long as his feet remain on the ground. He absorbs energy blasts and bullets without damage, and can cause buildings to topple by slamming into them.

          Victor Graydon Creed, Sr. (Sabertooth) - Once Wolverine's partner in Alpha Flight, Sabertooth has turned rebel and prefers causing wanton destruction. The reasons for his and Wolverine's hatred are unclear even to themselves, but appear to have been caused by psychic manipulation. Sabertooth can change from a huge humanoid into a half-human, half-lion creature with adamantium claws. Like Wolverine, he suffers from uncontrollable rages (another probable side effect of the psychic manipulation) where he's unable to contain his fury. Though he prefers to work alone, he has allied himself with Mystique and Apocalypse in the past.

          Kane Marko (Juggernaut) - Xavier's half-brother by marriage, Kane Marko is better known as Juggernaut. Though he's not a mutant, he exhibits mutant-like powers of extreme size, strength, and invulnerability because of a mystical ring he discovered on an archaeological excavation. Kane hates Xavier with a passion, and delights in tormenting him. He uses his special abilities to cause trouble, and has occasionally allied himself with evil mutants.

           Emma Frost (The White Queen) - Once allied with The Inner Circle, an elite group of wealthy evil mutants, Emma is a powerful telepath, second only to Xavier himself. In addition to reading minds, she can project psionic force bolts which render her opponents unconscious. During the Shi'ar invasion, when Jean Gray was possessed by the alien Phoenix entity, she was even able to gain psychic access to Cerebro, Xavier's supercomputer. In that way, she was able to spy on everything that was happening within Xavier's mansion. She has pure white hair, and always wears elegant white clothes.

           Jason Wyngarde - Another member of the disbanded Inner Circle. Wyngarde is a talented illusionist, able to create psychic illusions so real that his victim truly believes himself in another place and time. With Emma Frost's assistance, he was able to enter Jean Gray's mind and warp the alien Phoenix entity, turning it into a creature capable of tremendous evil.

           Graydon Creed, Jr. (non-mutant) - The de-facto leader of the "Friends of Humanity," a radical group of humans devoted to destroying mutants. Creed hates all mutants, especially since he learned that both of his parents--Sabertooth and Mystique--are mutant villains. He's dedicated his life to destroying mutants, regardless of their talents or alliances.

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           Professor Robert (Bob) Parkwood - Bob Parkwood is a skilled telepath and mutant-research scientist. At the famed Parkwood Institute in California, he and his colleagues study all facets of mutant genetics and development.
           Parkwood has the sole distinction of discovering Carly's unique innate empathy--a talent previously reserved only for mutants. By training her to use that empathy, and thereby enhancing her skill to a higher level than has ever been recorded in a non-mutant, he's helped to blur the sharp distinction between humans and mutants.

           Khalim White Eagle (Vanguard) - This tall Indian scout has black eyes, long braided hair, and bronzed skin. He's probably in his early thirties, and looks both athletic and fairly intelligent. An expert tracker and woodsman, he hires himself out to the highest bidder, and cares more about money than whether his job is legal. His mutant talent is the ability to directly communicate with, and control, any kind of animal.

           The Sultan - Little is known about the Sultan. He's a fairly small man, about 5'6". His most striking feature is the large, ornate Turkish pendant he always wears. His mutant abilities are stranger than most--telepathically, he's a null factor. No one can 'read' him or psychically sense his presence, even when he's in the same room. In addition, he possesses fairly advanced telekinetic skills. There are also indications that he may be a full telepath, but that he's somehow shielding himself in a way that can't be detected by ordinary means.
           The Sultan worked at the Parkwood Mutant Research Laboratory for several years, where he eventually met Beast's young friend, Carly. Perhaps due to that latent or suppressed telepathic ability, no one has ever questioned the fact that he's never seen without his special pendant, and refuses to take it off even during psychic testing. After leaving Parkwood Institute, the Sultan apparently allied himself with Mystique and her new partners, Jason Wyngarde and Vanguard, in the Colorado Mountains.

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