I am Cutter, Leader of the Elves.
The blood of ten chiefs runs through my veins!

Welcome To My Webpage!

Many long seasons have passed since
my people wandered freely through
the forests.  But we still walk the earth
unhindered by clumsy mortal humans.
You never notice us because we've
altered our appearances to blend into
our new world.  To check out my
"new look," click here.

Elves aren't just magical creatures!
Each of us has some special gift, like
my beloved Leeta's beautiful dancing.
My soul-brother, Skywise, communes
with the faraway stars.  I am my tribe's
primary storyteller.  To read the first story
I ever created, back when I was still
just an untried youth, click here.

If you want to learn about my life
and interests here in the "new world,"
check back soon--I'll be adding
several more pages soon to
tell you about my new friends, and
my favorite books and hobbies.

Until then...

Shade and sweet water to you!

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